My name is Mohammad Movahedi. It’s been a while that traffic engineering and transportation planning caught my attention. I studied civil engineering in my bachelor’s, during which I tried to explore different fields, including material science and structural engineering. I found highway engineering and transportation planning enchanting and thus, I chose that as my M.Sc.’s major.

Currently, I graduated with a master’s degree with honors, during which developed a distributed network-wide signal controller with reinforcement learning as its backbone and a computer vision software that detects pavement distresses, safety phones, and road’s right of way violation. I hope to start my Ph.D. journey at Florida State University in the next few months.

I worked for a consulting firm as a data analyst and transportation planner/traffic engineer. I try to find novel approaches to problems that I see and consider equity and sustainability in my work.

I always enjoy discussing transportation-related topics over a cup of coffee ☕ even from the limitations of my laptop’s screen.